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Puerto Rico has modern, reliable United States style telephone service. The area codes are 787 and 939. You must dial the area code when placing calls locally. Local information is 411, or 787-555-1212. For directory assistance to others parts of Puerto Rico, dial 0. Person-to-person, collect and calling card calls are easy to place. At the center of the phone book are blue pages in English.

Telephone Service Providers:
Companies providing local and long distance services include: CLARO, AT&T, Liberty, and OneLink among others.

Cellular Service Providers:
Companies providing mobile phone, paging and cellular services include: CLARO, AT&T, Sprint, Open Mobile, T-Mobile. We do not recommend Claro due to many reports of bad customer service.

Unlimited monthly postpaid calling plans:
Open Mobile $30

Prepaid calling plans:
With Page Plus Cellular, prepaid, calls are 29c/minute, texts 5c each. Page Plus is NOT recommended for PR, because the rates are far higher than in the states.

Internet service companies provide access to the Net through local telephone calls around the island. National providers include: AT&T. Local providers: CLARO, OneLink, OsNet Wireless and Liberty. Liberty provides the fastest internet service on the island.

Optical Fiber by Critical Hub Networks claims to soon be offering 1 GB, which is 1000 Mbs speeds for parts of San Juan metro at $70/month before taxes and fees. There is no activation fee with a 2 year contract; otherwise $300 activation fee. If your time is valuable or you are a heavy user of Internet, this would be a wise choice if they serve your area.  By comparison, the next fastest offering from Liberty is only 100 Mbs for $150/month. Liberty’s is 1/10 the speed of Optical Fiber, yet costs more than twice as much! It’s important to support and reward companies providing better services at a lower price like this Optical Fiber.  This promotes much needed competition and encourages good behavior.

Optico Fiber
1314 Ponce de Leon Ave, Stop 20
Santurce PR
787-957-6000, The Telegraph
M-F 8-7, SAT 9-5


For home Internet, in the San Juan metro, your best bet is Liberty. The 7 Mbs plan for $40 per month before tax is slightly faster than Internet through a cellphone company. I would recommend you go with the 7 Mbs as that should be fast enough for most people. If it’s not fast enough, Liberty should be glad to have you upgrade to the 15 Mbs for $55 per month. You get a free router when signing up.  There is a $70 activation fee if no contract, but waived if you do a 12 month contract. Penalty of $200 for early termination of 12 month contract.  The cheapest per Mbs is the 75 mb/s for $105.  With the 100 Mbs speed, the price should follow the volume discount trend down, but it doesn’t.  Perhaps Liberty hopes that consumers are bad at math.

mb/s Price before tax price/mb/sec
2 $25 $12.50
7 $40 $5.71
15 $55 $3.67
30 $65 $2.17
50 $85 $1.70
75 $105 $1.40
100 $150 $1.50



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