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Puerto Rico has over 20 grocery store chains.  Click the store name to find a list of store locations with their hours, phone numbers, and maps:

12 AMIGO – Division of WALMART Mostly in San Juan metro, but also has stores throughout the island
23 CENTRO AHORROS These are smaller grocery stores
4 COSTCO 2 Bayamon, 1 Caguas, 1 San Juan-Carolina
61 ECONO Largest grocery store chain in PR, well-positioned all over the island
75 EL CRIOLLAZO – These are small mini-markets with higher prices, limited selection
6 FRESHMART This is the PR version, similar to Whole Foods Market
4 HATILLO KASH N’ KARRY North side of island, West of San Juan – Arecibo, Camuy, Hatillo, Quebradillas
13 JF MONTALVO This is similar to Costco, Sam’s Club, with larger package sizes
27 MI GENTE These are smaller grocery stores
7 MR. SPECIAL These are mostly on the West side of the island
5 NAPO VELEZ These are in the Southwest side of the island
6 PLAZA LOIZA San Juan metro
17 PUEBLO Mostly in San Juan metro, but other locations throughout the island
12 RALPH’S These are on the East-Northeast side of the island
11 SAM’S CLUB – Division of WALMART
40 SELECTOS Large chain with locations all over the island
16 SUPERMAX Mostly San Juan metro and to the West
3 SUPER ONE San Juan metro
12 SUPERWALMART includes full grocery store and large selection of household items, clothing, etc
6 WALMART has limited groceries, mostly non-perishable food with almost no fresh fruits, vegetables

For an idea of Puerto Rico grocery store food costs, for advertised food specials featured in the weekly ads, click here to see some of the sale prices.

These 2 extremely useful links display the weekly advertised specials,
for many of the competing weekly food ads, also known as the “shopper.”  It’s easier to find the ads at these all-in-one shopper websites instead of going to the individual store websites.  The downside is that sometimes the ads are expired from the previous week. It’s an excellent idea, but would be better if the ads were always current. In such cases, you might want to go directly to the individual store’s website.  Shop.PR operates in a flipbook format, which is more user-friendly.  Shoppers De Puerto Rico operates in a PDF format.

Store – ad length – ad starting day-ending day, alphabetical sort:
Agranel  2 weeks Th-W
Amigo 2 weeks Th-W
Centro Ahorros 2 weeks Th-W
Econo 1 week Th-W
El Criollazo 2 weeks W-T
Fam Coop 2 weeks Th-W
Hatillo Kash N Karry 2 weeks Th-W
Mi Gente 2 weeks Th-W
Mr Special 2 weeks Th-W
Napo Velez 3 weeks Th-W
Oscar Super Cash & Carry 2 weeks F-Th
Plaza Loiza 2 weeks Th-W
Pueblo 1 week W-T
Ralph’s 1 week Th-W
Selectos 1 week Th-W
Supermax 2 weeks W-T
SuperOne 2 weeks Th-W
Walmart 2 weeks Sun-Sat

Starting and ending day of the week for ads:
Wednesday to Tuesday:  El Criollazo, Pueblo and Supermax
Thursday to Wednesday:  all the others
Friday to Thursday: Oscar Super Cash & Carry
Sunday to Saturday: Walmart

Time, in weeks, for ads:
1 week:  Econo, Pueblo, Ralphs, and Selectos.
2 weeks:  Agranel, Amigo, Centro Ahorros, El Criollazo, Fam Coop, Hatillo Kash N Karry, Mi Gente, Mr. Special, Oscar Super Cash & Carry, Plaza Loiza, Supermax , SuperOne, and WalMart.
3 weeks:   Napo Velez

Puerto Rico all grocery stores
Grocery stores follow the population. The most dots are around the San Juan metro area.

Puerto Rico all grocery stores metro san juan
San Juan metro area zoom

pr stores main grocery
Puerto Rico 7 largest grocery store chains

pr stores secondary
Puerto Rico smaller grocery store chains and SuperWalmart


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