Stores that ship items to Puerto Rico

Not all stores will send the items you ordered to Puerto Rico.  To get around this, you might want to have the items sent to a friend in the states, where they in turn ship it on to you.  Yes, I know this is inefficient, but if a store refuses to ship to Puerto Rico, that seems to be all you can do unless you wait to return to the US, then bring or ship the items back to Puerto Rico yourself. With computers for example, the price for the same model will run about $200-300 more in Puerto Rico, so it may be worth the extra delay to have it shipped to the states, then reshipped to you by a friend.

WILL NOT ship to PR
Amazon Resellers-usually no
Best Buy
HP-ships FedEx
Staples-ships UPS
Toshiba-ships UPS, FedEx, customer cannot specify which shipper to use 800-618-4444×3

WILL ship to PR – all charge tax unless noted.  The general rule is that if a company has a physical location in a state or territory, they are required to charge tax for items sent there.
Amazon Direct
Costco-yes w extra charges, but not to PO Boxes
Ebay sellers – most ship to PR and do not charge tax as they are individuals without physical locations in PR.
Frys – NO TAX; tax only when shipped to AZ, CA, GA, IN, IL, TN, TX, NV, and WA
Newegg – NO TAX; tax only when shipped to CA, IN, NJ, TN, Canada; 2 Day and FedEx International Economy only. NewEgg would not ship a computer printer to PR that I wanted to buy, so some items are not eligible to be shipped to PR.  The shipping method for Marketplace items depends on the seller, these items will list that they are sold by a separate seller. “We do not ship to standard PO Boxes. However, we can ship to residential PO Boxes in rural areas.”
Office Depot
Office Max
Sams Club- wont ship to PO Boxes, only ships SOME items to Puerto Rico but not computers 888-746-7726. Has terrible service, so not recommended.
Tiger Direct – ships UPS. Most mail-in rebates do not qualify outside the US and Canada. Make sure to read the rebate coupon before making a purchase to see if you qualify.
WMT – yes with a shipping surcharge

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  1. Isac says:

    If you call HP at this number 1800-474-6836 and ask the first person for tecnical support, When a technician answer you, ask for the product you what, It works always for buying HP ink and they will give you next day delivery with fedex.


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