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If you are looking for bank repossessed or foreclosed homes in Puerto Rico here are the search sites for buying a repossessed home. In Spanish they are called “propiedades reposeídas.” Know other sites? Let us know in the comments below and we will add them.

Banco Popular – This one is the most professional site, as it allows the most filters.  You can search by region, property type, price, bedrooms, baths.   It also has multiple photos.


First Bank – This site is not very useful.  You can only search by city/town and property type, such as house, condo, apartment, land, etc.  They should allow you to search by price, bedrooms, square feet, etc.  At most, they only show 1 photo.  Whoever designed this interface should be fired.


Oriental Bank – Lame.  No online website of properties.  Must call 787-771-6881 x4020

Santander Bank – You can search by property type-residential, commercial, land, or project; region; city/town; and price.  It shows multiple photos.


ScotiaBank – This is  in Spanish only.  Click on Hipotecas in red in the middle, then Galeria of Reposesidas on left in gray.  It’s poorly designed, because it does not have a filter feature,  shows only 1 photo, and doesnt show the prices on the summary list.  In addition, some listed cities have no properties, yet you have to click on each city to find out!  Whoever designed this interface should be fired.




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