High-speed Internet, 1 Gigabit per second, is coming to Puerto Rico

Great news! High-speed Internet, 1 Gigabit per second, is coming to Puerto Rico for $70/month plus taxes and fees. Will this be limited to the San Juan metro area and not extend to the less populated parts of the island?



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Issued : Wednesday, August 20, 2014 6:20PM
Ultrafast network project gains ground
By CB Online Staff
cbnews@caribbeanbusinesspr.com; cbprdigital@gmail.com

Puerto Rico’s planned $17 million investment to create an ultra-high-speed Internet network in a projected San Juan tech hub took a step forward this week with an accord to use an old traffic-signal network to lay fiber-optic cables in Santurce.

The Puerto Rican Telecommunications Regulatory Board (TRB) and the Transportation and Public Works Department (DTOP) inked the agreement on Tuesday.

DTOP will transfer the 10.5 mile traffic-signal network to the project, Torres Diaz said.

The TRB will provide the technical support to lay fiber-optic cables in the pipes, proving broadband access to area businesses and homes.

The $17 million multi-phase infrastructure project, nicknamed Gigabit Island, translates to up to $289 million in return, according to the government. About 20 tech firms have set up shop in Santurce and the government expects that number to grow.

Phase one will serve residents and businesses in Old San Juan, Miramar, Isla Verde and the Santurce district, which is being pitched as the island’s entrepreneurial and artistic center. The initiative is similar to a Google pilot project in Kansas City that provides Internet service at one gigabyte per second – up to 200 times faster than normal. Gigabit Island will reach that same speed.

The Puerto Rico Sewer and Aqueduct Authority (Prasa) is facilitating the installation, which is expected to begin this year and be completed in a 12-month period. Upon the project’s completion, Puerto Rico will be able to provide high-speed Internet access to 85 percent of private businesses and 65 percent of homes by 2016.

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