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If you are taking a vacation in Puerto Rico for a relaxing getaway, a Spring Break visit, a wedding, moving here as a part of Act 20 of 2012, or Act 22 of 2012, coming to escape the brutal cold, or visiting for a conference or convention, this site can be of great help to you as a useful guide. Even if you are on the lam, drug running, or smuggling, you have to eat too, so we tell you where to find the grocery stores. We would go so far as to say that if you lived in Puerto Rico your whole life, you would still learn something new with the wealth of information posted here.

Puerto Rico has mountains, beaches, and a rainforest on this island, for your adventures. The main tourist zones are just west of the San Juan airport in Isla Verde, Condado, and Viejo San Juan aka Old San Juan. The cruise ships dock in Old San Juan where you can spend a day walking the cobblestone streets. Due to the congestion, these 3 tourist areas are not car friendly. However, parking is available for a fee that can range from $5 all day to $3 per hour or about $24 per day. Sometimes you will get lucky and find a free parking spot, although you will likely have to walk several blocks to get to your destination.

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