Buying a new Hyundai automobile in Puerto Rico, try one of these car dealers

Did you buy a new Hyundai in PR? Let us know the year, specific model, price, and dealer in the comments below. This will help your fellow Puerto Ricans know who is giving the best deal and send more business to the better dealers while driving the bad dealers out of business.

There are 20 Hyundai dealers in Puerto Rico. To ensure you get the best price, have ALL the dealers quote you the TOTAL PRICE, including all taxes, fees, delivery, other phony nonsense they try to add on to the price. Here is a handy list. Don’t believe them when they lie to you to claim they have the best price and the best service. Only 1 can be the best, unless it’s a tie, which is unlikely.  The best price is the lowest price when it’s the same car with the same features.  The one who services you with the best price is also likely to offer you the best service. Of the 20 Hyundai dealers in PR, the only one who gave good service was Javier Acevedo in San Sebastian PR. His email is You should give him an opportunity to sell you a new Hyundai. He quoted the 2016 Sonata Sport Turbo $32,785 and the Tucson Limited for $32,120. Tags and license will be an extra $329. Amazingly, none of the other lazy car Hyundai car dealers in PR wanted to sell a car, because they didn’t respond.

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pr hyundai dealers

Puerto Rico 20 Hyundai car dealers

The Hyundai PR website is unprofessional. Of the 20 emails listed, 4 of the email addresses were dead. Why list an email that doesn’t even work? We have corrected for their incompetence, but they really should do this on their own website.
Name address city Phone Sales Phone Service Email Website
Hyundai de Rexville Carr. 167 km 19.2 Rexville Bayamon PR 00957 787-488-8080 787-488-8080
Hyundai de Carolina Carretera #3 km 10.2, Esq Luis Muñoz Rivera, Frente al Walgreens Nuevo y al lado del Parque Roberto Clemente Walker Carolina PR 787-776-2277 787-701-5875
Hyundai de Fajardo Km 51.3 Bo. Quebrada Huertas -Fajardo.  Detras del Elevevado Nuevo de la #3 Fajardo PR 787-801-1660 787-801-1660
Hyundai de Hatillo Carr. #2, km 86.6 Bo. Carrizales, frente al Banco Popular Hatillo PR 787-333-2020 787-333-2033 >
Hyundai de Cupey Carr. 8838 Sector El Cinco Cupey PR 00927 787-494-2122 787-773-1414
Hyundai de Humacao Ave. Boulevard del Rio Carr. #3 KM 80.2 Humacao PR 00791 787-850-4880 787-850-4880 >,
Hyundai de Hormigueros Carr. #2, km 165.6, Bo Lavadero Hormigueros PR 00660 787-849-6000 787-849-6001 >
Hyundai de Escorial Ave. 65 Infantería km 5.3 Rio Piedras PR 00928 787-750-6000 787-999-9800
Hyundai de Vega Alta Carr. #2, km 28.5 Bo. Espinosa Vega Alta PR 00692 787-915-5005 787-915-5005
Hyundai de Isabela Carr. #2, km 110.3 Bo. Moras Isabela PR 00662 787-830-5000 787-830-5000
Hyundai de Rio Grande Carr. #3, km 27.5 Bo. Jimenez Rio Grande PR 00745 787-505-2202 787-505-2202
Hyundai de Caparra Carr. #2, km 8.3 Bo. Juan Sanchez Bayamón PR 00956 787-523-3400 787-523-3400 Under construction
Hyundai de San Juan Ave. Kennedy, Calle Marginal km 3.8 San Juan PR 00922 787-474-1177 787-474-1177 Under construction
Hyundai de Bayamón Carr. #2, km 15.8 Bo. Hato Tejas Bayamón PR 00959 787-522-2100 787-522-2100
Hyundai de Ponce Carr. #3, km 51.4 Ponce By Pass Ponce PR 00731 787-492-4000 787-492-4005
Hyundai de Cayey Carr. #1 km 52.3 Bo. Beatriz Cidra PR 00739 787-434-6666 787-434-6666
Hyundai de Caguas Carr. #1 km 34.2 Bo. Bairoa Caguas PR 00725 787-900-0037 787-900-0037
Hyundai de San Sebastian Carr. #111 km 16.7 San Sebastián PR 00685 787-926-1100 787-926-1100
Hyundai de Mayaguez Carr. #2 km 150.0 Bo. Sabanetas Mayaguez PR 00681 787-652-5000 787-652-5000

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