Stray dogs in Puerto Rico

satos in WSJ

stray dogs in Puerto Rico

Here is the video:

Banker Finds Homes for Puerto Rico’s Stray Dogs
3/2/2016 12:08PM
Every few months, Citigroup banker David Brownstein and his team fly dozens of stray dogs in Puerto Rico to rescue operations in the Hamptons and the Jersey Shore. Photo: Elizabeth Shafiroff for The Wall Street Journal

Many people who leave Puerto Rico, sadly, abandon their dogs, leaving them behind to fend for themselves. As such, it’s easy to find sad and lonely dogs on the streets. However, some people are doing something to rescue the mutts, known as “satos.” Faro de los Animales aka Animal Lighthouse Rescue are mentioned in this video.

Reports are that there are 300,000 stray dogs in PR. If the human population in PR is 3.5 million, than means there is about 1 stray dog for every 11 people in PR. Fortunately, all the dogs I’ve encountered loose on the streets have been friendly, shy, or hesitant. A few barked, but most were open to receiving affection. None seemed dangerous or aggressive. When I go for a walk, I take food with me to feed any stray dogs if I encounter them. Walk 1-2 miles and you are likely to find stray dogs except in the tourist areas of Condado and Isla Verde.

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