Aviles Auto aka AAautos Ventas Carr #1, Km 29.1 Caguas PR 787-286-0000, 787-309-6619, 787-632-4800 AvilesAuto.com

aviles auto no prices, no mileage, no real photos

Aviles Auto no prices, no mileage, no real photos

Here’s one car dealer who tried to rip us off. We went to the dealer and were offered a used car for $18,997. After going home to do research, we found the same car online for $14,995, which is $4002 less. Where did we find the second car for $4002 less? We found it on ClasificadosOnline.com at the same dealer we visited earlier that day, with the same exact mileage, same year, same model, same color. It was the same car, but $4002 less online than what we were quoted in person. When we were at the dealer, the salesperson claimed they would beat any competitor price by $1000. That won’t be happening, because we won’t be back and won’t consider buying from
Aviles Auto aka AAautos Ventas
Carr #1, Km 29.1
Caguas PR
787-286-0000, 787-309-6619, 787-632-4800

Had I been foolish and not compared prices, I could have paid $4002 more than the online price. In fact, 2 months later after my visit, the car is still listed online for $14,995. It could probably be bought for less than $14,000, which is $5000 less than I was quoted in person. Please take your time and shop around extensively. Most people are buying a car only once every 5-10 years, but the car dealers are selling cars every day, so they have the advantage over the customer and know all the tricks to try to get you to overpay. Whether you are paying cash or financing, why should you overpay $5000 or more for a car?

Their own website is worthless, with no prices, no mileage, and no actual pictures of the cars.  Instead they use stock photos with a prospect harvesting form at the bottom.  Don’t let this dealer rip you off or waste your time.  Find a different car dealer who isn’t lazy.

Carmax, I beg you, please come to Puerto Rico soon!!!

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If more people shared their car buying experiences, fewer consumers would be ripped off by the Puerto Rico car dealers. Not only would this drive the overcharging car dealers out of business by shaming them, it would also serve as a deterrent effect to other car dealers from not treating people fairly. This would leave more money in the pockets of hard-working Puerto Ricans, keeping them from being ripped off.

See these posts if you ever plan to buy a car in the future. It could save you $5000 or more! When buying a car, you should not be overcharged by $5000.



If you want a user-friendly car dealer website that has a professional website, go here:

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