Car dealers in Puerto Rico give terrible service

We have only found 2 car dealers in PR that we can suggest you consider, because they are responsive to emails. One is Javier Acevedo of San Sebastian Hyundai in San Sebastian PR. His email is  Another is Triangle Dealers, with a professional website.

Most of the car dealers in PR operate under a business model of making it difficult for you to buy a car, wasting your time, and confusing you.  It would be great if a professional car dealer organization, such as Carmax, with clear pricing, came to PR, to drive many of the lazy car dealers out of business.

If you are looking to buy a new car or a used car, beware of the dealers. Be sure to shop around and compare pricing for a similar brand, model, year, mileage, condition to see if you are getting a good deal. Ive seen some cars where the dealer had a car listed at $28,000, but when I offered them less, they came down $4000 to $24,000. DO NOT BUY THE CAR ON YOUR FIRST VISIT. Buying a car is in part an emotional decision. For most people, buying a car is the second most expensive purchase after a home. Do not fall in love with a car or fall for the lies. One lying salesperson falsely claimed that the car he was showing me was “rare” and “in high demand.” This so-called rare car had been on the dealer’s lot for many months, still unsold. If it was in such high demand, then why had it not been sold already? It was in a premier position, facing the road, where over 10,000 driver’s per day were going past it. It was an average middle of the line car, nothing special, and certainly not rare.

In the car business in Puerto Rico, too many car dealers don’t list basic information on their cars for sale such as price and mileage. No one is going to buy a car without a price. In order to know how much you have to pay, you have to know the price first. In addition, some dealers knowingly list cars online that they do not even have in stock. PRADA, the Puerto Rico Auto Dealers Association should educate the dealers to list the information on cars for sale so that they can be sold easier. The Puerto Rico government should pass a law requiring all cars for sale by dealers to list this information, whether the car is online or at the dealership. This would help protect consumers, enabling them to shop around easier. Likewise, this would enable car dealers to sell cars faster. For both buyers and sellers, this would save time, improve productivity, and improve the quality of life in Puerto Rico.

If you know of a good car dealer, that answers emails, is responsive, and gives low prices at the start, please tell us in the comments so we can send more business to them.

Here’s one car dealer who tried to rip us off. We went to the dealer and was offered a used car for $18,997. After going home to do research, we found the same car online for $14,995, which is $4002 less. Where did we find the second car for $4002 less? We found it on at the same dealer we visited earlier that day, with the same exact mileage, same year, same model, same color. It was the same car, but $4002 less online than what we were quoted in person. When we were at the dealer, the salesperson claimed they would beat any competitor price by $1000. That won’t be happening, because we won’t be back and won’t consider buying from
Aviles Auto aka AAautos Ventas
Carr #1, Km 29.1
Caguas PR
787-286-0000, 787-309-6619, 787-632-4800

Had I been foolish and not compared prices, I could have paid $4002 more than the online price. In fact, 2 months later after my visit, the car is still listed online for $14,995. It could probably be bought for less than $14,000, which is $5000 less than I was quoted in person. Please take your time and shop around extensively. Most people are buying a car only once every 5-10 years, but the car dealers are selling cars every day, so they have the advantage over the customer and know all the tricks to try to get you to overpay. Whether you are paying cash or financing, why should you overpay $5000 or more for a car?

Carmax, I beg you, please come to Puerto Rico soon!!!

Be sure to read this post if you plan on buying a car in the future:

If you want a user-friendly car dealer website that has a professional website, go here:

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