What can you do to build a better Puerto Rico?

Some Puerto Ricans have a complacent attitude about the way things work in Puerto Rico, mistakenly claiming one cannot change the system. That is absolutely not true. In fact, such negative, hopeless attitudes actually prevent improvement. On the contrary, your desires and demands for change, and communicating such, can contribute to changes actually being made. Man landed on the moon only because there was a conscious effort to do so. If that can happen, then certainly smaller endeavors can also be achieved, even if the culture is ingrained in operating a certain way.

One thing you can do as a consumer is to give feedback and make suggestions to others, whether they be your neighbors, businesses, your government, and even non this website. If enough people build a critical mass to encourage and demand change, it is more likely to happen.

If you find an especially good business or an especially bad business, be sure to spread the word. This helps the good businesses get more business and helps drive the bad businesses out of business, as both deserve. The information sharing process will promote better practices in commerce and in Puerto Ricans’ everyday lives by reducing transaction costs, saving time and money.

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