U-Save, USave Car and Truck Rental should be avoided for false and deceptive business practices

6777 Isla Verde Ave
Carolina PR 00979
8-8 all
DISHONEST.  YOU SHOULD AVOID.  Their business model is based on deception.  They lure you in with low prices of $4-6/day for a rental, advertising on Expedia.com, CarRentals.com, and other sites.  When you make your reservation, you get a price that says, “including all taxes and fees.”  Then when you go to pick up the car, they say it is REQUIRED for you to get RSS/Roadside Service.  When you tell them that the reservation said all taxes and fees were including in the price, they tell you that you cannot get the car unless you get RSS for $3/day.  In addition, if you elect to not get the toll package, then accidentally get on a toll road, which is easy to do, they will charge you a $50 surcharge, plus the toll, plus the toll package.  Horrible online reviews.

See the extremely negative Yelp.com reviews here.


If you have been victimized by U-Save, dispute the charge with your credit card company, file a complaint with the site where you made your reservation, and post reviews to help warn others.  Working together, we can drive dishonest businesses out of business.  This will also have a deterrent effect against other businesses from ripping off consumers.

San Juan PR 00923
787-253-4008, 888-409-7368
M-F 8-5

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