CPO Auto, Carr 189, Caguas PR 787-919-0738, 7879190738, 787-653-7771, 7876537771, info@CPOAutoPR.com, another lazy car dealer

cpo auto

CPO Auto, Caguas PR is a lazy car dealer that doesn’t post prices.

CPO Auto
Carr 189, KM 2.5
Caguas PR
787-919-0738, 787-653-7771 the side of University Del Turabo
7879190738, 7876537771

CPO Auto is another lazy car dealer who will waste your time because they do not list prices for their cars. Another reason they do this is business they know their prices are high, which they dont want to make easy for you to discover.  Imagine if a grocery store or clothing store didn’t list prices and you had to find a salesperson to ask the price of every item. This too would be a huge waste of time and a barrier to conducting business. You should avoid all car dealers who waste your time. Working together, we can get the unprofessional car dealers to price their inventory, or otherwise drive them out of business.

Your motto should be simple:  No price = no sale!

Do you know a good, honest, hard-working car dealer that deserves more business? Let us know in the comments below.

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