Caguas Auto Gallery, Plaza Centro, Caguas, new, used, car, cars, Mazda, 787-961-7496, 7879617496

Caguas Auto Gallery in Plaza Centro

Caguas Auto Gallery in Plaza Centro, unprofessional car dealer, doesn’t list prices

Caguas Auto Gallery
Plaza Centro
Caguas PR
787-961-7496, 7879617496 Plaza Centro

Caguas Auto Gallery en Plaza Centro is another lazy car dealer who will waste your time because they do not list prices for their cars. Imagine if a grocery store or clothing store didn’t list prices and you had to find a salesperson to ask the price of every item. This too would be a huge waste of time and a barrier to conducting business. You should avoid all car dealers who waste your time. Working together, we can get the unprofessional car dealers to price their inventory, or otherwise drive them out of business.

Your motto should be simple: No price = no sale!

Do you know a good, honest, hard-working car dealer that deserves more business? Let us know in the comments below.

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2 Responses to Caguas Auto Gallery, Plaza Centro, Caguas, new, used, car, cars, Mazda, 787-961-7496, 7879617496

  1. Anonymous says:

    oye es cierto llame a supermercados Amigo con una lista de productos a que me dijeran el precio. Para comparar con grande y me dijeron que pasara por la tienda personalmente que los precios están marcados en los productos. Al igual que en los dealers.

    Google Traductor says: hear, is certain a call to Amigo supermarkets with a list of products to be told the price. To compare with big and I was told personally went through the store prices are marked on the products. The same as in the car dealers.


  2. Not sure what point you are trying to make. In the grocery stores, including Amigo, almost everything is priced. If there is no price in the grocery store, it is by accident, as it rarely happens that there is no price. By comparison when car dealers don’t list a price it’s because they know their prices are high and don’t want to scare you away from their high prices. In addition, most food items are less than $10 whereas a car is $10,000 to $30,000 normally. At some car dealers, there are no prices listed by design. The car dealers intentionally make it difficult for people to buy. It’s an ignorant way to do business as it damages the quality of life in PR and make it unnecessarily time-consuming to buy a car.


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