Beware of dishonest car dealers in Puerto Rico

Many dishonest car dealers are mentioned on this site, where we have highlighted their dishonest practices. We are working with the government and publicizing dishonest car dealer practices to help drive bad car dealers out of business.

Caribbean Business news services on April 26, 2016

SAN JUAN – Sen. Luis Daniel Rivera Filomeno announced that the Puerto Rico Justice Department’s cybercrimes division will testify before the Senate Labor Relations, Consumer Affairs and Job Creation Committee on Wednesday as part of its ongoing investigation into Internet sales and the protection consumers need against commercial fraud.

“We started with the Clasificados Online website, which testified to explain the steps they are taking to protect consumers’ rights,” Rivera Filomeno said in a statement Tuesday. “The website’s administrators have shown they are willing to implement needed changes and take action internally to reinforce their systems.”

The senator added, “This is a good time to together put a stop to these practices that do so much harm to our consumers.” The hearing, under Senate Resolution 1387, begins at 9:30 a.m. in the Senate annex’s Roberto Rexach Benítez Room.

The investigation has expanded to cover fraudulent online practices in the sale of motor vehicles. “The Puerto Rico Police and the Transportation and Public Works Department have made recommendations to our committee to fight consumer fraud,” he said, adding that agencies that are relevant in this issue “are helping us to search for solutions that allow us to begin an effective legislative process in the defense of consumers, who need to have all the guarantees to make an informed decision when acquiring a vehicle.”

We need to close the gap that makes it easy for car sellers to dodge Consumer Affairs Department regulations, which penalize fraudulent practices that violate the rights of our consumers,” Rivera Filomeno concluded.

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