We are looking for car dealers in Puerto Rico that we can recommend to our thousands of website visitors

We are looking for car dealers that we can recommend to our thousands of daily visitors.  Do such car dealers exist on the island, that are recommendable?  If so, we would like to send them a great many buyers.  Every day we have buyers in Puerto Rico contacting us, asking where they can go to find an honest car dealer, but we have found that most are not recommendable.  It’s unfortunate that we have mostly found dealers to avoid, not dealers that can be recommended.  Until then, here are some tips on saving money, time, and frustration when buying a car, by clicking this link.

If you find an especially good or bad car dealer, please let us know so we can share that information with our readers.

The car dealers we want to recommend would operate with the following professional customer service standards:

1  An updated, online inventory of cars with detailed information, including, at a minimum price, miles, year, model, photos

2  Prompt responses to emails within 1 business day

3  Bilingual, or at least having staff available that speak English

4  Honest, fair, low pricing

We have found that too many car dealers in Puerto Rico are horrible at business for 1 or more of the following reasons:

1  Cars not listed with even basic information such as price and mileage.  Some with terrible customer service skills, refuse to give a price unless you go to the dealer, wasting your time.  You should not patronize a dealer who does not make it easy for you to buy from them.  The reason the ones won’t give a price is because they know their prices are high.  If they told you their high price over the phone, by email, or by posting online, they know you wouldn’t bother making a trip.  Instead, they want to lure you in and wear you down, so that you give up, and sign the paperwork to buy an overpriced car. You should not have to beg a car dealer to give you a price or the miles. Every car whether on the car itself, or posted online should have listed, at a minimum, the year, price, miles, and model.

2  Many cars dealers do not respond to emails, showing their customer service skills are horrible.  If they are this unresponsive BEFORE you buy a car, imagine how unresponsive they are going to be if you have a problem and need something fixed under warranty.

3  Some cars dealers advertise cars that they know they do not have in stock, to get you to visit them.  This wastes everyone’s time.  This is a dishonest, unethical, false and deceptive business practice.  Not only can you not buy a car they don’t have in stock, they can’t sell it either.

4  Some car dealers, especially in the Bayamon area, post misleading prices, especially those associated with Euro Japon.  For example, they will list a car for $19,995, but the actual price is $21,995.  Do not shop at such a dishonest car dealer as they should not be in business.  From our research, the worst area one can go shopping is Bayamon because so many of the dealers in that area engage in the worst car sales practices. It’s like a den of thieves. Perhaps they are not all bad, although it is probably best to avoid those car dealers to be safe.

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1 Response to We are looking for car dealers in Puerto Rico that we can recommend to our thousands of website visitors

  1. Maxine hopkinson says:

    Lexus of San Juan – highly recommended. We purchased a used car there that we had seen listed in Clasificados. The price we paid was in line with the prices we saw on the mainland. The salesman recommended against any financing due to the rates. We had a few problems with the car on the beginning but they took care of them. They also incorrectly identified the car license plate on the documents, so that when we went to pay the registration, we could not. That said, they fixed the problem, paid the registration for us, and had the paperwork ready when we returned.

    Although this wasn’t a perfect transaction, I would definitely recommend them again, and I would trust them to purchase another used car.

    Ps the car we purchased has been very reliable


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