The Puerto Rico productivity problem – Puerto Ricans promoting inefficiency, wasting time, not utilizing best practices

Puerto Rico productivity and GDP are greatly harmed by Puerto Ricans widespread low email response rates and lack of proper customer service skills.  The reason why this is a problem is because Puerto Rico operates in a global economy where other places in the world, like the states, “do it better,” meaning the people operate more efficiently, more professionally.   Puerto Rico’s culture of not using the internet or email properly is incredibly detrimental to the success of Puerto Rico because it needlessly wastes time, clogs roads.  One shouldn’t have to waste time and gas driving to a business to ask questions that can be answered by email!  While most first world countries and most professional organizations utilize email to save time, increase productivity, and reduce costs, in Puerto Rico, too many business fail to take advantage of the usefulness of email.  In addition, far too many Puerto Rican businesses will ask you to call them or visit them in person after you started emailing them, defeating the whole purpose of the convenience of using email!  This needs to stop.  Puerto Ricans need to stop promoting inefficiency and wasting time, and instead use best practices like using email, and creating professional websites with detailed information listed.  When someone emails you, asking questions about your products and services, you should promptly respond by email, not respond with a lazy, “call me.”   If you have a website listing email addresses, you should ensure they work.  Too many times I have emailed Puerto Rican businesses after grabbing the email off their company websites only to find the email bounce back, not going through.  That is so incredibly unprofessional and such a waste of time.
Business Etiquette for Responding to Mail & Email

Maintaining high standards in business communication is a sign of professionalism. Poorly structured and untimely responses — whether via email or postal mail — make customers feel underappreciated and undervalued and can potentially result in lost business. Consequently, observing proper etiquette for responding to mail and email is key component of communications strategy for any small business.

Email — Respond Within 24 Hours

Responding to an email within 24 hours is good etiquette. Responding sooner is better because customers will be assured their concerns are being heard and their needs attended to.

Have you been frustrated by the low email response rates in Puerto Rico? Why do you think most Puerto Rican businesses fail to respond to emails? Let us know in the comments below.

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