D Dealers, aka D’Dealers, Toa Baja, 787-993-6120, 7879936120

Here is another lazy and unprofessional car dealer in Puerto Rico.  The website fails to list the 2 most basic pieces of information necessary to buy a car – the price and the mileage.  If you have contact with this dealer, let them know they are lazy and unprofessional, wasting your time.  You should not give your hard-earned money to someone who is lazy and unprofessional.  In addition, the car dealers who do not post their prices, in part, intentionally do not post them because they know their prices are high.  They hope to lure you into the dealership and work you over, to overpay on a car, the interest rate, the financing.

They falsely claim to be professionals when they state, “We are a highly trained and high reputation in banking and financial institutions, each day we continue exceeding the excellence of service you expect, and the best terms.”   A professional lists prices and mileage at a minimum!  Not listing prices and miles?  That is not excellence in service!


D’Dealers PR
Bo. Candelaria
Carr #2 km 17.6
Toa Baja PR 00949
787-993-6120, 7879936120

d'dealers of toa baja

D’Dealers PR, Bo. Candelaria, Carr #2 km 17.6, Toa Baja PR 00949, 787-993-6120, 7879936120

If you want a more professional car dealer, see our list of car dealers who have user-friendly websites where they list the prices and mileage for their cars for sale.

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