Puerto Rico car dealers with professional websites with prices, miles on all cars

It is astonishing how many car dealers in Puerto Rico are unprofessional.  We have only found, so far, 1 car dealer who has a professional website that lists their car inventory with prices and mileage on all their cars for sale.  That dealer is Triangle.

With our thousands of daily readers, we want to use this website to encourage and educate the unprofessional and dishonest car dealers and salespeople to change and improve their behavior to make Puerto Rico a better place to live.

Do you know any other car dealers in Puerto Rico who have a professional website listing the price AND mileage for all cars for sale?  If so, please let us know in the comments below so we can direct our readers to the professional car dealers.

If you are an unprofessional car dealer, stop doing these unprofessional things.  The examples of what unprofessional Puerto Rico car dealers do:

No price listed on cars for sale
No mileage listed on cars for sale
Advertising cars for sale that are no longer available
4 Refusing to provide a price unless you go to the dealer in person
5 Listing false and deceptive prices, such as listing the price after a $2000 down payment
6 Not responding to emails when you email to ask for the price or mileage, which they should have listed in the first place
7 Cussing at people for asking for the price or miles

If you have more examples of unprofessionalism or know other bad car dealers or salespeople in PR, please let us know.  If you know a professional car dealer, who lists all their cars with prices and miles, please let us know.

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