Judge Declines Uber’s Court Request

Despite the preliminary injunction and Uber’s website saying Uber is not available in Puerto Rico, it is reported that it is in fact now available, as of Monday 7-11-16.

Judge Declines Uber’s Court Request

By on July 11, 2016

SAN JUAN – Judge Angel Pagán denied Monday a preliminary injunction request filed by multinational ride-hailing company Uber to stop the Public Service Commission from enforcing its rules over the firm.

Pagán, nonetheless, cited both parties for a hearing on July 14. A preliminary injunction must be granted under certain conditions other than economic gain.

Uber’s claim came after the PSC filed a cease and desist order against the company to stop it from starting operations without required permits.

(AP / Eric Risberg)

“We are not opposed at the PSC to new technologies or innovation. We are aware of the fact that a service by Uber is needed and will contribute to the island’s economic development but Puerto Rico is a law abiding jurisdiction and everyone should follow the law,” PSC President Omar Negrón said in a statement. “Uber can not be exception,” he stated.

Uber responded by filing its own claim that it is the Transportation and Public Works Department and not the PSC the entity in charge of enforcing transportation laws over Puerto Rico. “Under our legal order, DTOP is the only entity with the task of developing public policy over Puerto Rico,” the suit filed in Superior Court said..

Uber officially started service in Puerto Rico on Monday, for free. Thousands of persons have registered as drivers.

Uber’s spokesman for the Caribbean and Latin America, Luis de Uriarte over the weekend defended the service and said it has revolutionized the transportation industry.

“We have more than 100 regulations in the world and are a company that is turning 6 years old.”

Negrón  there was no communication with the company, even though letters have been sent informing the company of the permits it needs.

“Uber is starting operations while violating the law,” he said, adding that it is considered a transportation company under Act 109, “which requires the Commission to go to San Juan Superior Court and file preliminary and permanent injunctions to order Uber to cease and desist from its intentions.”

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