Sixt Car Rental of Puerto Rico should be avoided, review, reviews, feedback complaints

Sixt shares a shuttle bus in Puerto Rico with 2 other rogue car rental companies, U-Save Car Rental and Nu Car Rentals.  All 3 are located in the same building.


Av. Isla Verde 6772
Carolina, Puerto Rico 00979

Airport shuttle to the rental agency no more than 5 minutes away. No problems with the hotwire booking. Pleasant desk agents even helped me out find food close to the office. Free water and coffee inside. Make sure that if you plan on taking toll roads, opt for the electronic toll collection which is better than paying other fees. Gas station about a mile down the road for your pre return fill up. Cheapest rates.

Comment from Madeline F. of Sixt
Business Owner

12/20/2015 This is such a helpful review, Kris! I’m really glad we could get your on your way so smoothly! I’m… This is such a helpful review, Kris! I’m really glad we could get your on your way so smoothly! I’m sure all the folks on Yelp reading this will find this feedback very useful, so thank you! How’d you first hear about us?

Madeline, Counter Customer Service Supervisor Read more

  • Unprofessional, disorganized, a waste of time and money. A bunch of additional hidden fees lack of variety on available rentals. The deposit fees were unclear so you find yourself at the office pulling money shelling out additional money that was unexpected. I had to be switched from a full size to a standard due to unclear deposit fees. It was a sour start to my birthday vacation week. Never renting from these people again you’re better off going to bigger trusted brands like enterprise Alamo budget etc or even the local rental places have better fees and car options.

Comment from Madeline F. of Sixt
Business Owner

9/21/2016 Ms. Shirley, I’m very sorry if there was any confusion regarding your reservation or the terms of… Ms. Shirley, I’m very sorry if there was any confusion regarding your reservation or the terms of your rental agreement. I apologize if they weren’t made clear when you read it over.

That said, we appreciate your feedback, and would like to do what we can to make this right. Please contact us directly at (787) 791-1991 if you have any further questions or concerns.

All the best,
Madeline, Counter Customer Service Supervisor Read more

  • If their was anyway to make this rating a zero, I would do it. By far this was the worst rental car experience that I’ve ever had, I had to go to Puerto Rico for family situation and they were the less expensive on the rental charges, but find out more on fees when picking up the car. I was given in total three cars, first one no proper working brakes, second one driver side damaged and couldn’t even drive it and finally third car was decent but driver side had damaged. Even called to make sure of the last car given and customer agent F. Acevedo hanged up on me. I would never recommend them to family and friends, making a formal complaint to the Sixt Offices. Also wasn’t even given an apology for the inconvenience they caused me with the damaged cars; even if you have to pay more, go with a different rental car company.

Comment from Madeline F. of Sixt
Business Owner

7/31/2016 Ms. Rebecca, this is very concerning to hear, and I’m sorry you had this experience with us. Our… Ms. Rebecca, this is very concerning to hear, and I’m sorry you had this experience with us. Our goal is to provide quality service and  I’d like to know more so we can find a solution to this issue. Can you provide us with more details  such as contract?

Hope to hear back soon,
Madeline, Counter Customer Service Supervisor Read more

  • My rental experience started with the pick up shuttle taking 45 minutes to pick up from the airport. I called the local office and the customer person whom answered was very unfriendly just saying “they’ll get there” and hung up. I ended up finding a driver from another rental company’s shuttle and asking how often the SIXT shuttle does come and he said the driver from SIXT was a friend of his and he ended up contacting the driver. I was told the shuttle would be there is 5 minutes, but we waited an additional 20 minutes.When I finally got my rental vehicle, the car I received was in very poor condition – it was dirty, the hub caps were held on with zip ties, the engine power was very problematic and it only had a quarter tank. The first thing I had to do after driving off the lot was get gas. I and the passengers in the car all experienced bug bites after sitting in the car. The engine did not start twice. After the car not starting the second time, we were able to start the car and get back to our resort. I contacted the local office and was told someone would be out later the day I called, to my location (Sunday, 12/13) to replace the vehicle. No one came that evening. I never received a follow up call.The next day, it took several calls to arrange for someone to come. Finally, on Monday afternoon, a representative from U-SAVE car rental came with a replacement car, which was in better condition. The U-SAVE customer service rep was friendly. He said the car battery was in very poor condition.

    Upon returning the car and closing out my rental agreement, it was noted that one of the hub cabs fell off the original problematic car – we were able to save the other hub cap by removing it and putting it in the trunk (it was held on with 1 zip tie). We were charged for the lost hub cap on the original car.

    We were credited 1 day rental for the car not starting and waiting for the replacement (we were told this when they replaced the car) BUT then still charged $50 for the missing hub cap – with a $15 credit I still paid a $35 fee. This seems like a scam – using zip ties to hold on hub caps and then charging the driver when they fall off. Also, given the condition of the car and all the problems with the rental, I should not have been charged ANYTHING extra. The customer service person, F. Acevedo, who checked me out was very unhelpful. He said he needed to ask his manager, Madeline, about not charging for the missing hub cap. He went to a back room and came back to say the only thing they can do is use the $15 credit against the $50 fee. I would think with all the terrible conditions of my rental experience, the manager would come out in person to speak with me.

    I relented to paying the $35 for the missing hub cap, because I wanted to finish my transaction and leave and never have to deal with SIXT again. The rental experience was the worst part of my Puerto Rico trip and I will be sure to let anyone I know who is traveling to PR to never rent from SIXT.

    I rent cars often in the US and often when I travel. This is by far, is the worst car rental and customer service I have ever experienced. While the rental prices for SIXT are very cheap, it truly is, you get what you pay for, and quite frankly not worth it. I would rather pay a little more and experience a safe and sound travel experience with a more reputable car rental.

  • Boston, MA
  • 6/25/2016
  • If you have a set schedule and don’t want to wait around for 45+ minutes for your car to be ready I suggest you go to another car rental company. I made a reservation for 9:00am and the car was not yet cleaned and it also didn’t have gas so they had to do all this while I waited. At first they said it would be ready in 10 minutes then they said 15 minutes and then they just stopped giving us updates all together. I don’t recommend this car rental and will definitely not be using them again during my next visit to Puerto Rico. They have no regard for their customers time.

Comment from Madeline F. of Sixt
Business Owner

6/28/2016 Ms. Lilliam,  I thank you for choosing Sixt Rent a Car at our branch in Carolina, Puerto Rico.  Our… Ms. Lilliam,  I thank you for choosing Sixt Rent a Car at our branch in Carolina, Puerto Rico.  Our main goal is to always provide the best quality service providing efficient check out and checkin process.

I’d like to take this opportunity to personally apologize about the wait. Although we’ve  been  incredibly busy is no excuse, we apologize for falling short of your expectations.

We will be addressing this issue with our rental agents since this process should be done in a timely manner.   Please feel free to contact me, since your contract is still open at this moment.

Kind regards,
Madeline, Counter Customer Service Supervisor Read more

I recently rented a car from Sixt in Los Angeles. While the name is the same the experience and car selection is not the same. I absolutely do not recommend renting from Sixt in San Juan, PR.

The car was an older Kia they overcharged my credit card the rental and attempted to charge $7.00 a day for tolls which was not needed. The remote to the car did not work, therefore you had to use the key to lock and unlock the doors. The car smelled and had a large amount of damage both inside and outside the vehicle.

In addition to my credit card being overcharged they took another $250 deposit to rent a Kia!!! I rented a Cadillac SUV from Sixt in Los Angeles and the deposit was only $100. This fee was extremely excessive.

Dirty cars, limited selection and a premium price for a Kia. I could of rented a better car from another rental agency at a much lower price.

If you are familiar with this agency having wonderful cars in Europe or the United States I am sad to say you will not have a good experience with Sixt in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Do not rent! Run away!!!

Comment from Madeline F. of Sixt
Business Owner

4/27/2016 Dear Customer, I’m sorry to hear the experience with us wasn’t quite what you expected due to… Dear Customer, I’m sorry to hear the experience with us wasn’t quite what you expected due to certain issues.  Our goal is to always provide great customer service and we are interested in knowing in detail the issues you confronted. Most of all  if you were overcharged we hope you’ll get in touch with us at (787) 791-1991 to get it sorted out as soon as possible — that should never happen!

At the same time, it seems as if it wasn’t fully explained to you that we don’t have a true affiliation with other locations. While there are other locations under the same name, we all have different terms and conditions as a franchise. I really hope we’ll hear from you and at the same time correct any error made in addition give us the opportunity to serve you in the near future.  Respectfully, Madeline Rosario/Customer Service Supervisor.

All the best,
Madeline, Counter Customer Service Supervisor Read more

Note: The reviews below are not factored into the business’s overall star rating.

    • Jose M.
    • Carolina, Puerto Rico


I do not recommend this company to any of my friends. This company has an extensive track record of cheating people. Save yourselves the headache. The internet is flooded with bad reviews regarding bad experiences with these people.

Comment from Madeline F. of Sixt
Business Owner

7/28/2016 Mr. Jose , I am very sorry and in great dismay to hear that your experience with us was… Mr. Jose , I am very sorry and in great dismay to hear that your experience with us was unsatisfactory while accompanying Mr. Cuevas.   If you feel like you’ve been treated unfairly after our conversation I encourage you to reach out  again directly to me. Please give us the opportunity to continue serving you.

Hope to hear back soon.
Madeline, Counter Customer Service Supervisor Read more

    • Angel O.
    • Waltham, MA


Car wasn’t worth it!!!!!!!!! Sadly had to rent from this company! I usually rent from  Enterprise but because of the busy weekend they were sold out….So Enterprise told me to grab one of their shuttles to go to their other location but accidentally grabbed the wrong shuttle! So anyways I rented from this place and was charged for Insurance and for being under the age 25…unlike Enterprise they used my auto insurance and wouldn’t charge me a fee for being under  25! I also was charged for the auto express but that wasn’t a bother knowing I would be going through a lot of tolls. I also was charged for an extra day when I brought it in before they closed because their returning time is before 12pm where I returned it a 6pm. All together it was my fault by not getting into the right shuttle. Just wanted to let anyone else know 🙂

Comment from Madeline F. of Sixt
Business Owner

7/15/2016 Mr. Angel, I’m very sorry to hear of your experience with us. We want nothing more than to provide… Mr. Angel, I’m very sorry to hear of your experience with us. We want nothing more than to provide top notch service to all of our customers, so this is disappointing to hear.

I apologize that here in Puerto Rico rental companies charge minor fee for drivers from 21  to under 25.  We hope to make this clearer in the future. Could you let me know when it was that you rented from us?

Madeline, Counter Customer Service Supervisor Read more

    • Brandon S.
    • San Francisco, CA


This rental agency lied to me and knowingly gave me a defective vehicle.  I have reported them to American Express and will shortly report them to the Better Business Bureau.

When I picked up my vehicle they said that in order for the battery to not die I had to turn off the radio and A/C each time I turned my vehicle off; otherwise the battery would die.  A car battery should be drawing minimal amps when the ignition switched is turned off (if it saves stations) and an A/C unit is run using the fan belts powered by the engine.  Thus, when turned off it shouldn’t be drawing any power.  Now, even if any of their lies were true the radio in the car didn’t actually have a power button (only a volume button) and thus couldn’t be turned off absent shutting off the entire vehicle.

These lies were told to me because Sixt Car Rental in San Juan, Puerto Rico knew when renting me the car that their vehicle had a more serious issue (a bad alternator, an electrical “leak” via the wiring harness, etc).  Yet they decided to rent this car anyway.

Sure enough my car never turned on again after arriving at my destination of Rincon, Puerto Rico.  I could not use my car for the entire week of the vacation rental.  When I rented the vehicle I was told that there were no other vehicles available from them in San Juan or elsewhere and thus calling them from Rincon would not have allowed me to exchange the car.

In order to return to San Juan I had to have a local jumpstart my car.  I could not stop on the way back to San Juan for fear of being stranded.  Once I returned to San Juan Sixt sent a mechanic to replace the battery but instead he only showed up with jumper cables.  After delaying our day again to return to get a battery he brought the wrong one.  Although the battery fit in the cradle located within the engine compartment; the cables did not reach across the new battery.  So the mechanic just placed the battery horizontally across the cradle in a very unsecure position to make the cables fit.  Going over any speedbump or hitting any pothole had the potential to send the battery forward into the fan belt and placing everyone in danger.

Later that day the car did not start (hence the likely problem with an electrical leak somewhere in the wiring harness).  In fact, Sixt knew this to be the likely problem as they said they had replaced the battery only the week before.  Clearly something was wrong.  When we called back to report the problem for the 6th time they decided to send a mechanic while we were out to lunch.  They left a batter, but no tools, and jumper cables on the front lawn of my friend’s house and told us to replace the battery.  Replacing a battery is easy but it is not my job when I rent a car.

When I returned the car and started to explain all the problems (which they knew about for days) they attempted to ignore me and just have me signed a receipt for $1830 as if there was no problem.  I refused.  In fact, they purposely waited so long in speaking to me in order for me to get nervous and leave in order to make my flight.  I refused to leave until they decided to address my concerns and they still said I should leave to get on the plane and just call them later.

I asked for the manager and whomever we had spoken with on the phone over the past few days.  Both individuals were equally as callous did not want to help.  After they realized that I was not going to leave until they decided to deal with their mistakes and defective vehicle.  The entire cost of the rental was $1830.  Although the car only functioned on two of seven days (and only on the second occasion because a local jumpstarted the car) they first offered only a $90 refund.  After much back and forth they offered a $330 refund.  Unfortunately this would still leave me with a $1500 charge for a car that didn’t work and which they knew to be defective when they rented it to me.  The entire time they still tried to get me to sign the receipt for the entire amount.

I refused the small refund and left without signing any receipt and I was forced to contest the entire amount with American Express.  Furthermore, I called the local Ford maintenance department and they just laughed about what Sixt claimed was a defect with that model of car.  Ford explained that you never have to turn the radio or A/C off and that it’d obviously be absurd for any car manufacturer to sell a car that had those issues.

So Sixt Car Rental knowingly rented us a car which they very well knew could strand us somewhere, lied to us, negligently replaced a battery which could have slid forward into the fan belt and placed everyone in danger, told us to replace the battery again ourselves, refused to at first speak with me when I returned the car, made me miss my flight and incur ticket change fees and hotel fees, and finally refused to offer any refund worth considering.

They are the worst and may very likely see me in court.


From the business


Sixt Rent a Car in San Juan, Puerto Rico makes renting a car easy. Whether visiting for business or pleasure, our extensive fleet has your rent a car needs covered. Give yourself an easy, hassle-free rental experience by opting for our affordable, top quality rental cars and comprehensive services. Arrange your car rental online, and you can have your car already waiting for you.

When you rent with Sixt you know that you will be getting a great car at an affordable rate. No matter if you prefer a luxury make, convertible, SUV or a budget friendly economy car, we have a rental car to match what you have in mind, so you can be sure you’re getting the right vehicle for every vacation.

We offer inexpensive rates on flexible rental periods and a number of useful add-ons and upgrades. You can tailor your car rental by including extras such as a child seat, GPS, LDW insurance, additional driver coverage and more. With a large selection of vehicles from prestige car brands like Ford, Cadillac, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Chevrolet, you can easily find something to meet your budget, style and driving requirements.

Sixt has a variety of cars to choose from and great options to make it easy for you to rent a car in Puerto Rico and get on your way. Give us a call or visit our website to reserve your rental today.


Established in 2014.

Sixt Rent a Car has been serving visitors to Puerto Rico since 2014. Our mission is to provide the best selection of rental vehicles and a hassle-free experience with affordable, top quality rental cars and comprehensive services. With over a year of success, we look forward to helping you get on your way.

Meet the Manager

Madeline F.


Madeline has always had a passion for providing great customer service. Madeline enjoys being able to serve the public at Sixt Rent a Car, where our great rental options are the driving force of the business. Madeline hopes to provide you such a positive experience you’ll remember to return to Sixt Rent a Car for all your transportation needs next time you visit Puerto Rico.

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4 Responses to Sixt Car Rental of Puerto Rico should be avoided, review, reviews, feedback complaints

  1. Ivy says:

    We had to cancel our Puerto Rico trip due to a hurricane. We called to see about a refund for the rental car considering the circumstances and Sixt would not provide one. Unless you can absolutely guarantee there will not be some surprise or emergent thing to interfere with your plans, absolutely do not use this company. They will take advantage of these unforeseeable circumstances to take their customer’s money.


  2. Jose Candelario says:

    On February 10 2018 I make a reservation on Sixt car rental Aguadilla PR what a nigthmare big line and they told us about 15 customer that they no have more car avalible I have recive a email a day before confirmation of my reservation we can, t bilive this can happen they ruin our vacation in the west of Puerto rico they no have many taxis like San juan area other company only they have car with reservation we stuck with our a car never again I will use this company I make a big mistake swich fron Dollar to Sixt becarful with this company.


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