Puerto Rico car insurance – Mapfre, QBE Optima Velox24, Seguros Multiples, Universal

When you register your car, $99 of that fee goes towards about $4000 in compulsory insurance coverage.  This is a good start, but not enough to properly protect yourself in the event of an accident.  The reason Puerto Rico requires this minimal level of insurance coverage is because their are so many irresponsible people in Puerto Rico who would otherwise be driving with NO insurance.   Since $4000 in car insurance coverage is insufficient, everyone should buy additional car insurance coverage.

The most convenient, intelligent, and forward-thinking car insurance companies in Puerto Rico will allow you to buy your car insurance online.

Velox24.com, a division of QBE Optima Insurance, is the most user-friendly, as it is the most intelligently designed, by allowing you a great deal of flexibility in choosing the coverage you want.  They also have a handy chat application where you can ask any questions.  After making your choices, you can pay online with MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.  SITE IN ENGLISH.

Universal also has an online site, but it needs some work, since some car models that should be listed, are not listed.  SITE IN ENGLISH.  Site gave an error 1-2019 when tried to get a quote online.  Lame.

MapfrePR doesn’t allow as many choices as Velox24.  One problem with Mapfre is that the site is in Spanish only.  Lame.

Seguros Multiples is in Spanish only.  Lame.

Another reason the online sites are good is that it eliminates having to deal with insurance agents who want to waste your time when they ask you to call them or come into their office.   There is no need to do that when it can and should all be done online, saving time, gas, frustration.

Are there other car insurance websites for Puerto Rico that allow you to get a quote and buy online?  Leave them in the comments below.

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1 Response to Puerto Rico car insurance – Mapfre, QBE Optima Velox24, Seguros Multiples, Universal

  1. BMKinAguada says:

    I am looking for information and feedback from others about their HOME and BUSINESS insurance experiences in PR- after dealing with Mapfre’s complete and utter unconscionable and borderline illegal actions after Hurricane Maria I am in need of a new provider. One issue is no one will cover my home because of it’s location directly on the water. Also my agent in my opinion was somewhat dishonest and not of any help during this atrocity. Please help!


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