Puerto Rico crime map – interactive

Puerto Rico crime map – interactive.  Find crime data in the area you select.  Unfortunately, it’s only in Spanish.



New Map of Criminal Incidence
Based on a private view
Type I Crimes (Murder, Rape, Theft, Aggravated Aggression, Escalation, Illegal Appropriation, Stolen Vehicle) registered by the Puerto Rico Police Statistics Monitoring Section. The information is displayed from January 1, 2013 to 30 days prior to the current day. The layer is enabled for time queries in the UTC / GMT time zone -4 hours (local PR time).

In Spanish:

Nuevo Mapa de Incidencia Criminal

Delitos tipo I (Asesinato, Violación, Robo, Agresión Agravada, Escalamiento, Apropiación Ilegal, Vehículo Hurtado) registrados por la Sección de Monitoreo de la Estadística de la Policía de Puerto Rico. La información se muestra desde el 1ero de enero de 2013 hasta 30 días previos al día corriente. La capa esta habilitada para consultas de tiempo en zona de horario UTC/GMT -4 horas (hora local de PR).
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2 Responses to Puerto Rico crime map – interactive

  1. Ramon says:

    Hello, thank you for posting this map. I’ve developed an updated version of it that covers 2012-2018.



    • Nicely done heat map. First reaction is that there is more crime where more people live. In areas sparsely populated, there is less crime. Then again, there are not as many crimes in the woods where there is not as much to steal.


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