Don’t mail canned food, cans of food, to Puerto Rico, as food relief. Send money or non-canned food instead.

There is food in Puerto Rico which can be bought in the stores. It would be more economical to send money or lighter weight food. Cans are heavy and costly to ship. In addition, the heavy weight of the cans often break out of the boxes or get dented in transit. Even if canned food is secured with more packing tape, it’s still an uneconomical way to send food to Puerto Rico. If a $1 can of food costs $2 to ship, the total cost if $3, but the recipient is only receiving $1 of worth of food, the $2 wasted on postage that cannot be eaten. In other words, 2/3, or 66% of the value is wasted on shipping fees, while only 1/3, or 33% of the value reaches the recipient.

Instead, you could send $3 for which the recipient could buy 2-3 cans of food with the money you send them. If you still insist on sending food individually, why not send boxed food, nuts, dehydrated food, or other packaged food that is NOT in cans?

Post office advises public to enforce relief packages heading to Puerto Rico
Oct 23, 2017

US Postal Inspector, Eliezar Julian, shows a broken Priority Mail box caused by the weight of the items inside at the cargo area of the San Juan Luis Muñoz Marín Airport in Puerto Rico on Saturday, October 21, 2017. ​ Al Diaz Miami Herald Staff

America is sending care packages to Puerto Rico — and many are just too heavy

October 23, 2017 10:49 AM

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