Car window tinting to protect your car, truck, SUV in Puerto Rico

Since Puerto Rico is near the equator, the UV rays are intense, which damages your skin, the skin of passengers, and the car interior.  Therefore, it is worthwhile and highly recommend to have window tint installed in your vehicle.  Puerto Rico Newcomer has done a great deal of legwork to help you decide where to get your tint installed.  Be sure to have high quality tint installed, so it is less likely to fade, turn purple, or develop bubbles.

What you want to look for is an installer that will give you a WRITTEN LIFETIME WARRANTY FROM THE MANUFACTURER, not just from the installation company.  You don’t want a warranty from the only from the installer, since many tint shops won’t be around in a few years.  What good is a warranty from ABC Auto Tint, once they go out of business?  That’s why the manufacturer warranty is so important, so that if ABC Auto Tint goes out of business, you can take your vehicle to another shop that uses that same window tint.  Don’t waste your time with a shop that only offers 1, 3, or 5 years on a warranty.  If the warranty is so short, that should tell you about the durability and quality of the tint not being high.

Did you have tint installed in your car in Puerto Rico?  Add your comments below to improve the discussion.

PR window tint survey

CLICK THE LINK ABOVE to download the full spreadsheet, a partial sample of which is below.


installer city phone warranty 3M Carbon Llumar ATC Llumar ATR Llumar CTX Suntek Carbon Suntek CXP Carbon Suntek CIR Ceramic Midas nano ceramic Midas Corona Max Film Xsun Ceramic R&D Polarized brand unknown
warranty lifetime lifetime normally, but not in PR lifetime normally, but not in PR per the manufacturer lifetime lifetime lifetime
note good better best; ceramic is better than carbon good better best; ceramic is better than carbon
A&J Caguas 787-344-1798, 787-222-2253 lifetime normally, but in PR only 5 year warranty on ATR; lifetime on CTX per A&J but manufacturer says they won’t honor any lifetime warranty from PR $160 $240
Rickys Caguas 787-604-6366 $150
Sieza Isabela 939-319-1303 lifetime $180
Oscar Auto Tint Arecibo 787-209-8148, 787-585-7275 lifetime $200 $360
Oscar Auto Tint by Eileen Camuy 939-639-8234 lifetime $180
The Tint Shop PR Anasco 787-449-1726 lifetime $220
FWT & JDM Parts Inc Vega Baja 787-346-3620 lifetime $180
Barreto Hatillo 787-642-8203 lifetime $180
Yamil Auto Tint Sound Center Mayaguez 787-202-2323, 787-484-4167 lifetime $200
Quality Seat Covers & Sound Center Vega Alta 787-270-5828 lifetime $115
Perfection Shade Window Tint Carolina 787-768-9050, 787-200-0440 lifetime $160 $145
EuroTint Rio Piedras 787-200-9070 $150
Dragon Car Performance Carolina 787-757-3838 lifetime $95
Innovative Auto Tints – by IHOP Barceloneta 787-356-1002 lifetime $350 $300 $255
Anthony Auto Tint Bayamon 787-590-7219 lifetime $225
Denny’s Auto Tint Aguada 787-448-8027, 939-246-0379 lifetime $250
Solar Tintes San Juan 787-793-2220, 787-273-7689, 787-749-0386 5 year $155+tax







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  1. JC says:

    There is a high quality DIY alternative. Check out the removable window tints at


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