Why can’t Puerto Rico have charter schools?

In Puerto Rico, the public schools are notoriously bad.  Why can’t PR have charter schools?


Charter school bans and the black hole of liberal morality

With righteous indignation and occasional charisma, the new Democratic Party is thundering on with its message of leftist moralism. On taxes, healthcare, and foreign policy, politicians such as Sens. Kamala Harris, Bernie Sanders, and Elizabeth Warren, plus Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and 2020 candidate Julian Castro, claim to be the servants of a better America.

Judging by how these ideologues are treating Los Angeles families, their morality is very thin. Because the powerful Los Angeles teachers union, loved by all major Democrats, has now persuaded its city’s supplicant school board to call for a moratorium on new charter schools across California. It’s an extraordinary rebuke of those whom Democrats most claim to serve: poor minority parents who simply want the best for their kids.

Of course, Los Angeles teachers union boss Alex Caputo-Pearl spins it differently. He says that “this is a win for justice, transparency, and common sense. We need to invest in our existing schools, not follow a business model of unregulated growth when new schools are fundamentally not needed in L.A.”


What Caputo-Pearl and his union fear is not new schools, but competition — competition that gives kids a better education by sending resources to those institutions that attract the most students. Because that competition is exactly how resourcing for schools works in Los Angeles: Schools, whether charter or conventional public, get government money based on how many students they have. This makes parents the master of where to send their kids, and the best schools the master of the money flows. But because charter schools are doing such a good job in showing parents that they can often offer a better education than Los Angeles public schools, the union has gone to war.

After all, reform is not a union word. For the union, the kids are simple pawns to be used to extract better benefits. If the union truly cared about giving the best education to the most students, it would support charter schools as a means of fostering innovation across the educational sector. It would trust that its public schools would win the most resources. But it doesn’t trust itself, so it must take from families.

Conservatives should pay close heed to this betrayal of poor and middle class kids. In their subjugation under liberal special interests, we have the roots of a conservative revival to bring families out of the liberal deep end.

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