P.R. Public Housing Authority signs 3-yr, $4.27M contract for gunshot detection tech from ShotSpotter


The bad is that there is so much crime, so much illegal gun usage that PR needs to spend over $4 million on ShotSpotter technology for 3 years of monitoring.  That’s $1.42 million PER YEAR!  The good will be IF this makes gunshots, crime go down.

P.R. Public Housing Authority signs 3-yr, $4.27M contract for gunshot detection tech

P.R. Public Housing Authority signs 3-yr, $4.27M contract for gunshot detection tech

The Puerto Rico Public Housing Authority has entered into a a three-year, $4.27 million contract with ShotSpotter Inc., a technology that helps law enforcement officials identify, locate and deter gun violence.

The technology will be deployed in portions of the capital San Juan, Bayamón and Trujillo Alto, the company said.

ShotSpotter expects to complete the deployment and go live in all of the coverage areas by the end of the first calendar quarter of 2020.

When Puerto Rico is fully deployed, it will become the fifth-largest ShotSpotter customer, following significant U.S. deployments in Chicago, New York, Las Vegas and Miami-Dade County. One hundred U.S. cities currently rely on ShotSpotter gunshot detection technology, the company said.

“This administration is strongly committed to making our communities safer to guarantee a better quality of life for them,” said William Rodríguez, Puerto Rico Public Housing administrator.

“ShotSpotter has a strong track record of success and we know it will be a valuable tool for us to pinpoint the location of gunfire and thus enable a quicker response. This is one initiative that, in hand with community leaders and the government, will empower law enforcement agencies and PRPHA to take appropriate actions against gun violence,” he said.

ShotSpotter President Ralph A. Clark said “Having successfully collaborated with Puerto Rico and local law enforcement in previous deployments, we are confident ShotSpotter can help combat gun violence on the island to make it a safer place for residents, businesses and tourists.”



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