CESCO Digital app allows you to get your driving record from your cell phone

What a pleasant surprise to see PR finally do something better!  Now If only they could fix the unnecessary bureaucracy when you go in person, so you don’t have to waste an entire day waiting in line, going to several different places to complete the task!

Ahora podrás sacar tu récord choferil desde el celular con CESCO Digital

CESCO Digital app allows you to get your driving record from your cell phone.

Nov 3 2019

DTOP and PRITS reveal the new update of the application, which adds more services and benefits for vehicle owners and drivers.

San Juan, Puerto Rico – The CESCO Digital application, which allows citizens to make various arrangements from their mobile phone, thus avoiding having to visit a Driver Services Center (CESCO) or a Department of the Treasury Department, has been updated, adding more services and benefits for motor vehicle owners and drivers in Puerto Rico.

This was reported by the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works, Eng. Carlos M. Contreras Aponte, and the chief executive of Innovation and Information of the Government of Puerto Rico (PRITS), Glorimar Ripoll Balet.

The new version of CESCO Digital, available for free both in the Apple AppStore, for iPhone devices, and in Google Play for devices with Android operating system, will allow users to report errors in the application, access the list of Centers of Driver Services (CESCO) with their schedules and location, receive important notifications and download your driver record from your smartphone.

“The new function to download the driver record from the application, will give our users the power to acquire this document, necessary to be able to change the driver’s license in some states, work in land freight transport companies, as well as in taxi operating companies, among others, without having to physically visit a CESCO, ”explained Contreras Aponte.

Ripoll Balet, meanwhile, indicated that “for the creation and incorporation of each of the new features of CESCO Digital, we took the extra mile. For example, the list of CESCOs with their schedule and location, not only offers that basic information, but also provides the address with geo coordinates and an updated list of the services offered by each, including the issuance of Real ID. ”

“In the case of notifications, they will alert users with reminders about expiration dates of their license or tag, which will arrive 45, 30 and 15 days before, as well as the same day. In addition, it will notify you when your license and / or tag has been renewed, which will give more control and safety to drivers and vehicle owners, ”he added.

In addition to these new services and features in the CESCO Digital update, the application continues to be the easiest, most personal and safest platform to access the details of your vehicles and driver’s license, check your record of fines and pay them without having to go to a Department of the Treasury Department, and download the notification of renewal of the license of your vehicles, as well as the certificate of fines to your license or vehicles.

Currently, CESCO Digital presents a profile screen, from which the user can access their personal information, as well as review the history of their transactions. Similarly, it gives you the option to enter the application using your fingerprint or facial recognition, instead of having to enter your user information and password every time you want to use it. As an additional security measure, it provides for the user to establish a four-digit personal identification number (PIN).

“The success of CESCO Digital every day is greater. There are already more than 200,000 active users and more than $3.8 million has been raised in fines payments through the application. Similarly, more than 450,000 vehicle licenses have been downloaded, and more than 225,000 notifications have been sent, thanks to this innovative tool, ”said the Secretary of Transportation and Public Works.

Finally, both officials highlighted the commitment of the governor, Hon. Wanda Vázquez Garced, to continue this type of innovation that is making applications and technological platforms available to the public, aimed at improving their quality of life.



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