Key examples of incompetence and mismanagement by Puerto Rican government officials in Puerto Rico

1 Over 10 million bottles of water in pallets found in Ceiba after Hurricane Maria, went to waste after left sitting for months.  If it were a few pallets that were lost or missing, that might be excusable, but how can one lose track of over 10 MILLION bottles of water?

Over 10 million water bottles left on tarmac to spoil in Ceiba, Puerto Rico

Over 10 million water bottles left on tarmac to spoil in Ceiba, Puerto Rico

2 Hidden warehouse of supplies in Ponce not given out immediately after the earthquakes in January 2020. The Ponce mayor had to go to other cities hunting for supplies, unaware of this warehouse of hidden supplies in her own city until leaked by a citizen’s video.

Logic has it that when a huge quantity of supplies is first delivered to the stockpile or warehouse, it would have taken MANY people to have placed the supplies there, meaning several people would have known of the existence of the cache of hidden supplies.

It’s bad enough that the Puerto Rican government is inefficient in the DMV/DTOP making you waste all day to get or renew a driver’s license, that the roads are filled with potholes that are damaging to vehicles which increases the chances of automobile accidents. But to not distribute relief supplies immediately when needed after a disaster rises to an entirely new level of incompetence and mismanagement. When Puerto Rican officials can’t handle basic relief supplies responsibly, how can anyone expect them to responsibly handle billions of dollars in aid from the Federal Government, given as a result of Hurricane Maria?!?

Know other examples? Let us know in the comments below.

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