Víctor Parés Montessori School Begins New Semester With Solar Panel System – allows greater hurricane resiliency & recovery


Víctor Parés Montessori School Begins New Semester With Solar Panel System

All Points North Foundation grant allows school to be resilient to hurricanes

Solar panels at Montessori school
> Courtesy of All Points North Foundation

The Víctor Parés Montessori School in San Juan has received a solar panel and battery system that will allow it to resume classes promptly and be more resilient following a major climate event like Hurricane Maria, which kept the campus without electricity for months, and recent earthquakes in Puerto Rico.

This was made possible thanks to the donation of a solar energy system by All Points North Foundation and whose installation was made by Máximo Solar Industries.

“We are very grateful to the All Points North Foundation, which made this offer to the New School Institute in February 2018, after Hurricane Maria. The beneficiaries are our students of the Víctor Parés School, children and youth ranging from 3 to 21 years old of the special education program that require energy-dependent equipment. This is a great advance. Victor Parés students will not miss classes if there is no electricity due to atmospheric phenomena such as hurricanes. They will have their own solar energy,” said Ana María García Blanco, director of the Institute.

The installed system consists of 113 solar panels (370 watts each)and a battery storage solution that provides power for up to eight hours for critical loads. The cost of the donated equipment amounts to $183,000.

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