Something for Everyone at The Outlet66 Mall – Brand new dragsters, a bowling alley, zip line, sky trail and go karts await at SectorSixty6

Something for Everyone at The Outlet66 Mall

Brand new dragsters, a bowling alley, zip line, sky trail and go karts await at SectorSixty6

Sector Sixty6
(Courtesy Sector Sixty6)

Despite all of the many fun things there are to do in Puerto Rico, more often than not, Boricuas end up strolling in shopping malls enjoying the air conditioning. Taking advantage of the free air conditioning has turned out to be the best excuse to window shop and Highway 66, which extends from Carolina to Rio Grande, offers a great spot for families.

Ever since the opening of Sector Sixty6 at The Outlet 66 Mall in Canóvanas, the shopping center has been regarded as the foremost entertainment and retail center on the island.

Last year, Sector Sixty6 inaugurated the first indoor electric go-kart track in Puerto Rico and the Caribbean. The center also boasts an arcade, virtual reality simulators, a sky trail and a zip line.

However, still hoping to offer more family-friendly activities, the mall recently inaugurated the first and only drag racing track on the island, Top Eliminator Dragster Puerto Rico.

This new attraction consists of six covered parallel tracks that measure 190 feet in length. The dragsters are screwed into a channel as to never pop out of their track. “Visitors to the track will experience the best in automobile acceleration when they go from 0 to 60 mph in less than four seconds.” The vehicles are propelled by a 300-hp propane motor that produces 2.8 g’s of force.

“The dragsters were specially built to simulate real race cars. Drivers can control the gas and the brakes, but not the steering wheel, from start to finish,” said Ramón Figueroa, the track’s marketing director.

The Experience

Once the driver sits in the dragster, he is quickly strapped down with a harness. The vehicle is placed in front of the traffic light and, as soon as the light turns green, the drivers take off.

“Once the drivers get to the finish line, a computerized breaking system immobilizes a hook inside the underground channel so that the cars stop in less than 120 feet. After the ride, drivers are taken back to the prep area,” said the executive.

After the race, drivers can take note of their speeds and times on a board placed above the track.

“The trick to this is the reaction speed once the light turns green,” said Figueroa.

Aside from this new track, there’s an area with video games, simulators, a waiting room and a snack bar. There will soon be an outdoor terrace which will house food trucks.

Top Eliminator Dragster Puerto Rico is the last entertainment addition to the mall. However, Figueroa stated that they are open to expanding their operations.

The Outlet66 Mall at Canóvanas has something for everyone, from those who like to hunt zombies, to those who enjoy roller coasters. Sector Sixty6 offers birthday packages and can host corporate activities. They open seven days a week during the mall’s business hours: Monday to Thursday from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and Friday to Sunday from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. For more information please call (787) 696-1107.

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